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  • Bushes

    If you find your vehicle's handling isn't quite as precise or as "tight" as it once was, you may have worn bushes.  Many factory suspension bushes are designed to be quite soft which over time can give a vague feeling to the suspension.  Upgrading to Powerflex polyurethane bushes vastly improve this.  They may be a little dearer than OEM replacements but they last a lot longer and can reduce tyre wear, so they're a great solution.

  • Wheel Spacers

    Widening the track of your car can vastly improve performance.  Our range of spacers will help you to get the fitment you're looking for.

  • Camber/Toe Shims

    Add or remove camber and/or toe to your wheels with these specially designed shims.

  • Drop Links and Linkages

    Drop Links, Wishbones, balljoints and bearings.  Everything you should need to get your vehicle set up how you want it.

  • Drop Plates

    Not quite low enough yet?  Rear wheels sitting unevenly in the arches?  We have just the thing.

  • Top Mounts

    Suspension top mounts for a variety of applications.  Many are camber adjustable and use Aerospace quality spherical bearings.  We can also produce these to order.

  • Merch
  • Magnetic Fasteners

    Mag Daddy Magnetic Fasteners are a fast and simple way to mount air lines, wires, trim and even components.  Many are rated to 10kg when placed on reasonably thick steel, and some can even hold 40kg!  

  • Bump Stops

    Bump stops are primarily designed to prevent damage to a vehicle and it's suspension components.

  • Car Care

    All you need to keep your pride and joy sparkling.

  • Control Arms

    Custom control arms designed for a wide variety of purposes such as adding more camber, correcting wheel alignment, or simply giving extra lows.

  • Coilover Parts

    Spare parts for coilovers and air suspension struts

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items