Measuring for an Air Lift 1000 kit

Can’t find an air spring kit for a coil sprung vehicle? Air Lift 1000 Universal Air Spring Kits fit almost any open coil spring to provide up to 1,000 lbs. of load levelling support. Just take two simple measurements and use the chart below to find the correct kit for your application.


Follow the following four simple steps to match your ride up with the perfect custom application:

  1. Remove any items from your vehicle first, so that you can take the most accurate measurements of your coil springs. This means unhitching the camper, ditching the bike rack, and pulling your cinder block collection out from under the back seat. Once the car is at normal ride height, totally unloaded, then you’re ready for step two.

  2. Take two measurements. Measure the inside height (X) — the available height within the coil spring. Then measure the inside diameter (Y), or the width available inside the coil from side to side at its widest point (see diagram).

  3. Make note of any sharp edges or holes, these will need to be covered up by a protector.

  4. Select your ideal size from the list.  If you don't see an exact match, you can normally make up the height by using a spacer.  Note: It is better to be slightly undersized than oversized.

If in doubt, please don't hesitate to get in touch for more information.

Air Lift 1000 Measuring guide