Air Lift 3P Combo Kit: Volkswagen Golf Mk5 2006-2013

Air Lift 3P Combo Kit: Volkswagen Golf Mk5 2006-2013



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Manufacturer Air Lift
Type Combo Kit
Vehicle Make Volkswagen
Vehicle Model Golf Mk5
Date Range 06-13

Drive it. Show it. Track it.

Air Lift Performance Suspension:
Comfortably drive your car daily and clear speed bumps, park up and slam it to the ground, or take it to the track. All with the touch of a button.

Air Lift Slam Series Suspension:
Simple, economical air suspension. Offers practical ride height and jaw dropping lows.  Front kits generally offer fixed rate dampers without height or camber adjustment, and rear kits are generally supplied without dampers to keep the costs down.

Air Lift Performance strut

Damping Adjustment

With Air Lift’s large range of available damping,
you can always find a setting to suit your needs.

Geometry Adjustment

Many of Air Lift's front kits provide camber adjustable
top mounts.

Threaded body Adjustment

Air Lift Performance kits have threaded body dampers, meaning the height can be preset at the suspension as well as at the controller, enabling you to dial in the perfect stance, whatever your needs.

Bolt in setups

Most kits use OEM mounting points, so there is no need to modify your car.

1 Year Warranty

Air Lift stand by their products and offer a 1 year warranty.
Replacement parts are also available on request.

Additional hardware

Many kits come with additional hardware required to complete the installation, such as drop links, control arms and adjustment tools.

Embrace the Dark Side

Stealth: No Compromise Air Suspension

Made in Britain.
Built to Last.

Stealth by Intermotiv - Our own brand of air suspension. After many years working within the air suspension industry as an engineering company for many years, we have combined a vast amount of knowledge and experience to create something truly better

Adequately Refined.

Real World Abused.

Our suspension systems are sold around the globe, but they are designed for our somewhat "unique" British roads - to amicably tackle fast, undulating bends and abnormal camber, but also potholes, speed bumps and bad surfaces. Stealth offers astonishingly agile, surefooted and capable cornering characteristics for both the road and the track.

Jaw dropping lows, but not just for show.

Stealth offers class leading lows, with more lift than many other options.  However that's just the start.  Developed for fast-road performance, Stealth suspension gives optimal handling and comfort in a wide variety of situations.

The air springs and dampers in every kit have been specified in accordance to the vehicle. The air spring volume and frequency is then fine tuned for each vehicle thanks to our unique design and some clever engineering, giving flawless handling and comfort at a wide range of pressures and heights.

British Engineered

Designed and made in England

Designed for road and track use

Adjustable monotube dampers, designed for British roads.

Going down?

Designed for maximum travel, giving you the drop you want, and the lift you need.

Adequately tested.

All parts go through extreme real world proving before being released.

DIY and professional fitment

Comprehensive instruction manuals supplied with every kit.

12 month warranty

And beyond... Many parts are designed to be rebuilt, so future service won't cost the earth.

Pressure Only

Height + Pressure

3P and 3H

Air Lift's two flagship management systems are the 3P and 3H. The two systems are fundamentally the same, however there are a couple of major differences.

The 3H comes with height sensors, allowing auto levelling. As such it tends to be more accurate when it comes to hitting ride heights.
The 3P can be upgraded to a 3H system by adding a height sensor kit at any time.

Features (both systems)

  • Smartphone control - free app, no additional hardware needed.
  • 5 customisable presets, as well as manual adjustment for all 4 corners
  • Rise on start
  • High grade, OEM level components
  • State of the art 32-bit processor
  • Single harness connection for a very easy installation
  • Fully integrated manifold includes ECU, pressure sensors and Bluetooth module in one unit
  • Show mode - park up, switch off and still control your system.
  • 2 year limited warranty
Air Lift 3P controller

Features (3H Exclusive)

  • Height sensing technology gives the system the ability to adapt to changes in vehicle load
  • Anti cross loading and axle equalisation - ensures the vehicle achieves the correct height without radical differences in pressure

Entry Level Management System

3S from Air Lift

The 3S is a cost effective management system, designed to work with the Air Lift Performance smart phone app (or optionally with a physical controller sold separately).  This kit does not have pressure or height sensing abilities, however it does offer 1/8NPT ports for adding external pressure gauges.  It also offers 3 customisable presets, which are time based.
Please note that while the manifold looks similar, this system can not be upgraded to the 3P or 3H version.

The 3S wouldn't be our first choice for management systems, however when run with pressure gauges, it does have significant advantages over the 4-way manual system.

Air Lift 3S


  • Smartphone control - free app, no additional hardware needed.
  • 3 presets - time based adjustment
  • Connection ports for adding external pressure gauges.
  • Optional controller upgrades available.
  • Single harness connection for a very easy installation
  • Fully integrated manifold
  • Show mode - park up, switch off and still control your system.
  • Lifetime limited warranty

4-way Manual Management System

Economical and simple, yet accurate and effective control for front, back and side to side adjustment using paddle valves. Gauges included.

  • Economical, simple and accurate control for all 4 wheels
  • Great for use with gauge and pillar pods
  • The system provides a maximum pressure of 175 psi
  • Features a VIAIR 100% duty cycle 444C Compressor
  • 1/4″ air line for accurate and smooth adjustment
  • Attractive stainless steel switch plate


  • Viair 444C Chrome Continuous Duty Compressor (or other options)
  • 4 Gallon Raw Aluminum Tank
  • Air Line
  • Two Dual-Needle Pressure Gauges
  • 4 Paddle Valves
  • Air Fittings
  • Air Line Cutter
  • Everything needed for installation!

Tailored For You

Packages can be built to suit your individual requirements.  You can select a different compressor package or tank to suit your needs.

Air Tanks

The bigger the tank, the more air you have to play with.  But check your available space first as some of the larger tanks won't fit in some cars!  A larger tank will often benefit from a larger (or second) compressor to cope with the increased volume it has to fill.


The bigger the compressor, the faster your tank will refill.  Some example fill rates are below.  Opt for a dual compressor system to really maximise your system.

Note:  If running dual compressors, additional wiring is required.  Air Lift offers a second compressor harness to make the job much easier on their digital management systems, this is available separately from us.


Even More Options?

If you don't see the package you're looking for, please don't hesitate to get in touch and discuss your requirements.